The Framer's Choice Gallery

We often carry a large selection of formal and rustic frames, which will transform any ordinary space and fill it with style. If you want to express yourself when decorating your home or office try custom framing, it can make any space look casual yet classy.


When you're framing a piece we take into consideration what is being framed in order to find the right frame and the perfect matting can make a big difference in the look.

The Framer’s Choice Gallery cares about the look of your finished product and only offers quality products from highly recommended framing suppliers. Visit Larson Juhl, Roma Moulding, or Nurre Caxton to find the right look for your artwork.

• Needle point

• Memorabilia framing

• Shadow boxes

• Art on canvas

• Single, double, or triple mat

• Mat with fillet

• Mat with spacers

• Custom openings

Square Square Square

• Art on paper

• Photography

• Needlework

• Multiple openings

• Colorful and neutral mats

• Light-medium-dark mats

• Fabric mats

• Patterns and textures

• Uniform mat borders

• Bottom-weighted

• Elongated

Transform your space with a variety of frames

Quality products we offer

What is being framed decides how it's framed

Matting can make the difference